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In India there was a time when Healthcare / hospitals were considered as not so attractive business. There was no focus on Marketing & Promotions of these hospitals. However, with the entry of corporate players like Indraprastha Group, Ranbaxy, Wockhardt, Apollo Tyres etc the industry has undergone a paradigm shift. Today healthcare industry is one of the fastest growing industries in India and hence these corporate hospitals are leaving no stone unturned to promote their services.

However with healthcare business requiring focused and specialized approach, hospitals require specialized professional to take care of their Marketing, which of course comes at a huge cost. Indian Health Consultants (IHC) has professionals with specialized domain knowledge in all the fields of healthcare that involves:

  • Sales and Marketing
  • Operations, Quality & Accreditations
  • HR & Project Management
  • Website Designing & Maintenance
  • Medical Tourism


why Us...?

Our specific strengths to handle the healthcare business effectively makes us a premium player and gives us an edge above all to be chosen as a partner.


Expert Knowledge

Knowledge is a critical factor for the success and failure of organizations. Besides having all the essential knowledge on Healthcare system, we also put our focus on the process of generation of new knowledge and innovating through informal communication within and between organizations.



Cost Effective


In today's unpredictable markets, the best way to control costs is to be in the best position to adapt to changing environment. We offer highly cost effective solutions whether you want to write a newsletter, design a brochure, develop a 30-second introduction, be a better networker, mail a press release, IT IS ALL THERE. We specialise in choosing best marketing models for our clients.

Long Lasting Solution

In the Healthcare, Brand Establishment is not achieved by too much or too less marketing. Marketing to the right customer and target audience will help achieve greater brand recall. With our detailed analysis and market insight, we help design THE RIGHT PLAN FOR THE RIGHT TARGET, thereby offering a long lasting solution.



Health Website Designing

The world is widely webbed and with the seamless connectivity spanning regions, countries & continents, the web-space has become a thriving platform for online business. This acts as a tool for cost-effective marketing and client engagement. Owing to our philosophy of giving our clients THE BEST, we only undertake Medical Websites, the examples of which can be found in "Our Works" section.



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Interested in Healthcare Job Openings. Submit your latest resume online. Click on title submit resume.

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Aarvy Hospital

Dr Reena Thukral is one of the most experienced Neurologist in India with experience in the management of Stroke, Dementia, Parkinson, Epilepsy, Headache, Migraine, Cervical Pain, Nerve Weakness, Multiple Sclerosis.  read more

Health In India

Health in India is owned by us and is the solution for all the people who are looking a healthcare solution across the length and breadth of the country.   read more

Bharat Diagnostic

Bharat Diagnostic Centre is an advanced diagnostic centre located in Bhiwadi. The centre has 4 branches running. Having been in existence for 6 years, little did people know about  read more

Dr.Vikram Yadav

GNH Hospital at Gurgaon is one of the best hospital for the treatment of neurological disorders such as stroke, migraine, epilepsy and neuro rehabilitation   

Dr Arun Saroha

I got exactly what I was promised. They are truley professional in their approach towards handling tasks..

Dr Rajesh Chaudhary

I own a diagnostic centre and could not afford costly marketing solutions available. IHC suggested and executed online and branding solutions well in my budget. Thanks to the EXPERTS.


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